WWE/ Netflix: The New Deal

Published on 3 February 2024 at 22:50

 WWE Streaming on Netflix: A Potential Game-Changer Hinges on Live Audiences


The world of professional wrestling has seen significant changes in the past decade, with online streaming services becoming the primary channel for fans to access and watch their favorite content. In recent years, there has been speculation about WWE's potential partnership with Netflix, which could potentially be a massive business deal for both parties involved. However, the success of this partnership largely depends on WWE's ability to draw crowds and generate the same level of excitement as it once did. This is evident in the cases of The Rock seemingly usurping Cody Rhodes' WrestleMania spot and the much-awaited return of CM Punk. In this blog post, we'll explore the potential benefits, challenges, and implications surrounding WWE's streaming on Netflix.

The Potential Business Deal

WWE, with its rich history and dedicated fanbase, has the potential to attract a significant audience on Netflix. Given the streaming platform's global reach, it would provide WWE with an opportunity to widen its already large fanbase and increase its overall visibility. Netflix, on the other hand, would benefit from the addition of WWE content, tapping into a vast niche market that craves dramatic, action-packed entertainment.

Factors Influencing the Deal

One crucial factor influencing WWE's streaming success on Netflix is its ability to continue drawing live audiences to events. The electrifying atmosphere of a WWE show, fueled by passionate fans, is an essential element of the product's appeal. Without live audiences filling the arenas, the experience could lose some of its magic. Therefore, WWE's ability to create captivating storylines, captivating characters, and compelling in-ring performances remains paramount to maintain viewer interest. In short, WWE has to actually give fans what they want.

The Competitive Nature of WrestleMania Spot

The Rock's return and  usurpation/ cuckholding of Cody Rhodes' WrestleMania spot is an example of how WWE must constantly balance legends' star power with the desire to promote new/ deserving talents. While The Rock's return undoubtedly generates immense excitement among fans, it can also overshadow the younger generation of wrestlers striving for their breakthrough moments. Maintaining a healthy mix of nostalgic moments and opportunities for fresh talent is crucial to ensuring WWE appeals to a wide range of viewers. The bottom line is that WWE is a business. A star who only spent seven years in the company, but has their catchphrase and mannerisms echoed in arenas two decades later, can't be ignored. People tune in for The Rock. Being a board member of the parent company helps The Rock, as well.

The Return of CM Punk

CM Punk's rreturn to WWE has ignited buzz and anticipation within the wrestling community. Punk's departure from WWE several years ago was widely publicized, and his comeback could have generated significant interest, attracting both lapsed fans and those who have never seen him perform. The problem is that CM Punk os injury prone. A partnership between WWE and Netflix could have been a catalyst for Punk's return, amplifying the impact and ensuring a broader audience receives the announcement.


The streaming partnership between WWE and Netflix presents enormous opportunities for both parties, offering a global platform for WWE content and a dedicated niche market for Netflix. However, the success of this venture lies heavily on WWE's ability to sustain live audiences and provide captivating storylines. Striking a balance between star power and nurturing new talents will also be crucial to keeping the fanbase engaged. As we eagerly await further news on WWE streaming on Netflix, it is evident that the partnership could lead to significant growth, cementing WWE's status as a global entertainment powerhouse.

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