The Dirtiest Tactics In Grappling You Should Know

Published on 21 January 2024 at 14:43


Dirty BJJ Tricks: The Grey Area of Submission Grappling

Jiu-jitsu, the gentle art, right? Well, not all the time. While the foundation of BJJ rests on respect and technical advancement, there's a shadow side of the sport where cunning (or some might say "dirty") tactics come into play. These aren't illegal moves, but they push the boundaries of sportsmanship and fair play, often blurring the line between technique and trickery. Let's delve into some of these not-so-gentle tactics, exploring their effectiveness and the ethical considerations that come with them.

1. The Nibble: It's the classic "accidental" finger graze across an opponent's eye socket. A well-placed nibble can instantly disrupt vision, creating an opening for takedowns or submissions. While not illegal, it's frowned upon for obvious reasons. Is it a cheeky tactic or a cheap shot? You be the judge.

2. The Grease Factor: A sweaty gi? Amateur hour. The true BJJ trickster knows the power of a slickly oiled lapel. A strategically placed dab of Vaseline on your collar can turn your guard into an impenetrable fortress, frustrating even the most skilled passers. But beware, karma (and irritated training partners) come swift for the overly oiled offender.

3. The Friendly Headbutt: This isn't a full-on Rampage Jackson special, but a subtle forehead boop during guard exchanges. Distracting, slightly painful, and surprisingly effective in disrupting opponent's rhythm. Just remember, the line between a playful nudge and a blatant headbutt is thinner than a competition gi.

4. The Finger of Doom: No, not a mystical power, but the dreaded gi grip on the fingers. It might seem harmless, but a firm pinch or twist on the digits can instantly turn even the most composed grappler into a flailing ball of pain. Proceed with caution, as cries of "finger!" and dirty looks will likely follow.

5. The Smell Surprise: This one isn't for the faint of heart. Some warriors embrace the power of "athletic aroma," letting their unwashed gi emanate a pungent aura that can weaponize body odor for psychological warfare. While effective in clearing personal space, be prepared for social isolation and frequent laundry duty.

Remember, these are just examples, and the true world of BJJ trickery is vast and ever-evolving. While pushing the boundaries can be tempting, it's crucial to maintain a balance between competition, sportsmanship, and respect for your training partners. Ultimately, BJJ is a journey of self-improvement, and true mastery lies in honing your skills through clean technique and honest effort. So, train hard, laugh it off, and remember, sometimes the best trick is simply being a good partner on the mat.

This post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as condoning or encouraging unsportsmanlike behavior in BJJ or any other martial art. (Unless the cheating gets a win: In that case cheat.)


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