To Kick or Not To Kick: Streetfighting 101

Published on 22 December 2023 at 16:16


Unleashing Fury... or Falling Flat: Why Kicking Might Be a Bad Idea in a Street Fight

Hollywood loves a good roundhouse kick. They're flashy, powerful, and make for some seriously cinematic fight scenes.But in the gritty reality of a street fight, is kicking all it's cracked up to be? Well, hold your horses, Jackie Chan, because unleashing your inner Bruce Lee might not be the best strategy. Here's why:

1. Balance Blues:

Kicking throws you off balance. Picture this: you launch a ferocious side kick, aiming for your opponent's knee. But uh oh, your other leg is now waving precariously in the air. This is prime real estate for your opponent to grab, shove, or simply trip you into oblivion. Suddenly, you're the one sprawled on the pavement, feeling more like a deflated balloon than a martial arts master.

2. Telegraphed Takedown:

Unless you're a seasoned kickboxer with lightning-fast reflexes, your kicks are probably going to be pretty obvious. A trained fighter can spot a leg swing from a mile away, giving them ample time to counter or simply step out of the way. You'll be left red-faced (and potentially red-nosed from a well-placed counterpunch, or being slammed) wondering where your epic kick went wrong.

3. Clothing Catastrophe:

Let's be real, most street fights don't happen in sleek karate gi. We're talking jeans, sneakers,maybe even a hoodie or two. These aren't exactly the garments of choice for graceful leg extensions. Stiff fabric and bulky shoes restrict your range of motion and can even lead to painful muscle strains if you try to unleash a flying side kick in your Levi's.

4. The Ground is Lava (and Not the Good Kind): Kicking upwards, especially at the head, is a recipe for disaster. Even if you connect, you're putting yourself at serious risk of losing your balance and plummeting face-first to the pavement.Remember, concrete doesn't care about your awesome spin-kick skills. It just wants to give your teeth a nice, close-up inspection.

5. Legal Landmines:

Let's not forget the legal ramifications. Kicking someone, especially in the head or groin, can easily be considered assault or battery, landing you in hot water with the law. Even if you were defending yourself, using excessive force can get you into serious trouble. Remember, sometimes the smartest kick you can throw is the one that keeps you out of the courtroom.

So, does this mean kicking is useless in a street fight? Not necessarily. If you're a trained fighter with exceptional balance and control, well-placed low kicks can be effective. But for the average person, it's probably best to stick to punches,elbows, and most importantly, avoiding the fight altogether. Remember, de-escalation and running away are often the best self-defense tactics.

Ultimately, the best way to handle a street fight is to avoid it altogether. But if you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself, remember: keep your feet planted, stay calm, and focus on protecting yourself. And leave the fancy kicks to the superheroes... they have stunt doubles, after all.


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