The Behind-The-Scenes Influence: How Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran's Managers Shaped the "No Mas" Fight

Published on 24 November 2023 at 23:21

The Behind-The-Scenes Influence: How Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran's Managers Shaped the "No Mas" Fight


In the annals of boxing history, few bouts have stirred as much intrigue and analysis as the November 1980 rematch between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran, famously known as the "No Mas" fight. While the boxers themselves are often the focal point of discussions, the pivotal roles played by their managers in this iconic showdown deserve a closer look.

The Build-Up to the Rematch

After his first defeat at the hands of Duran in June 1980, Leonard was eager for a rematch. His manager, Angelo Dundee, known for his legendary work with Muhammad Ali, played a crucial role in this. Dundee, understanding Leonard’s psychological state and the need for a tactical shift, worked not just as a manager but also as a motivator and strategist.

On the other side, Duran's manager, Carlos Eleta, was instrumental in quickly arranging the rematch. While this decision seemed financially motivated, it also had implications on Duran’s preparation and mindset. Duran had notoriously struggled with weight management and the quick turnaround for the rematch would later be viewed as a critical error.

Strategy and Mental Warfare

The influence of Dundee in Leonard's corner cannot be overstated. He encouraged Leonard to switch tactics, moving from his usual aggressive style to a more elusive, taunting approach. Dundee's psychological insight played into Leonard's strengths and Duran's vulnerabilities, particularly Duran's temper and pride.

In Duran's camp, Eleta's insistence on capitalizing on the financial opportunity of the rematch perhaps overlooked the psychological and physical toll on Duran. After the grueling effort to make weight, Duran was not in peak physical or mental condition, a factor that significantly influenced the fight's outcome.

The Night of "No Mas"

On fight night, Leonard’s execution of Dundee's plan was flawless. He danced around Duran, using his speed and finesse, and taunted him, which visibly frustrated the Panamanian. Duran, not at his physical best and mentally rattled, was not the fighter he had been in their first meeting.

Eleta, observing this, could do little but watch as Duran, overwhelmed and possibly dealing with physical issues, uttered the infamous words "No Mas" in the eighth round, signaling his surrender. This moment was a culmination of physical and psychological factors, where the strategies set by the managers played a decisive role.


The "No Mas" fight remains a subject of fascination not just for the dramatic in-ring action, but also for the strategic chess game that occurred outside the ring. Angelo Dundee’s masterful guidance and Carlos Eleta’s miscalculations offer a compelling study on the profound impact managers can have in boxing. This fight reminds us that in the complex world of boxing, the influence of those outside the ropes is just as crucial as the skill and will of those within them.

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