Does Aljo Deserve a Rematch after UFC 292?

Published on 20 August 2023 at 08:00

Title: The Case for Aljamain Sterling's Rematch Against Sean O'Malley: A Bantamweight Battle


In the fast-paced world of mixed martial arts, few things are as exhilarating as the clash of titans within the UFC Octagon. Among the numerous talented fighters, Aljamain Sterling and Sean O'Malley stand out as true competitors who have left an indelible mark on the bantamweight division. After Aljamain Sterling's unfortunate loss of the title at UFC 292, many voices within the MMA community have been clamoring for a rematch against Sean O'Malley. This article explores why Sterling deserves this rematch, touching upon his impressive activity and record for consecutive title defenses.


Sterling's Remarkable Activity and Dominance


Aljamain Sterling's journey to the bantamweight title was characterized by his remarkable activity within the division. Sterling's rise to the title was marked by his consistent appearances and his ability to overcome formidable opponents. This level of activity showcased his dedication to improving and evolving his skills, ultimately culminating in his capturing of the championship.


Additionally, Sterling's dominance in the division cannot be ignored. Prior to his title win, he showcased an impressive record and an array of fighting styles that set him apart from his peers. His grappling prowess and versatility within the cage made him a force to be reckoned with, earning him the rightful nickname of the "Funk Master."


Consecutive Title Defenses: A Testament to Sterling's Excellence


One of the most compelling reasons for Sterling's rematch against O'Malley is his record for consecutive title defenses. During his title reign, Sterling proved his mettle by defending his championship on multiple occasions, displaying his ability to adapt and succeed against various opponents.


This streak of successful title defenses speaks volumes about Sterling's capabilities as a fighter. It demonstrates his readiness to face challenges head-on, his resilience, and his determination to maintain his status as the division's elite. This consistent record of defense showcases Sterling's rightful claim to another shot at the title, given his history of excellence within the bantamweight division.


The Rematch: A Chance for Redemption


The call for a rematch between Aljamain Sterling and Sean O'Malley is not merely about Sterling's past achievements, but also his potential for redemption. Sterling's loss at UFC 292 was a setback, but it doesn't define his capabilities as a fighter. A rematch provides him with an opportunity to prove that he has learned from his mistakes, refined his approach, and is ready to regain his title.


Furthermore, a rematch against a skilled opponent like Sean O'Malley adds intrigue to the storyline. O'Malley, known for his striking prowess and unorthodox style, presents a challenge that Sterling can prepare for strategically. A rematch between these two fighters promises an exciting clash of techniques and strategies, making it a must-see event for MMA enthusiasts.


I think Sterling Deserves a rematch, however marketing and fan interest in him will stop that. Being the most hated champion since Tyron Woodley won't help. Petr Yan rightly being disqualified, in a fight where Sterling was en route to being stopped, and handing Sterling the title won't persuade fans of Aljamain's prowess. Neither close wins over Petr Yan, in a rematch, a returning Henry Cejudo, or dismantling  a one armed T.J. Pillashaw will do him good either. None of those were his fault. 



Aljamain Sterling's journey to the bantamweight title, his impressive activity, and his record for consecutive title defenses all converge to make a compelling case for a rematch against Sean O'Malley. Sterling's dedication, resilience, and history of success within the division warrant another opportunity to showcase his skills and regain the championship. As MMA fans eagerly anticipate this potential rematch, one thing remains clear: Aljamain Sterling's deserving shot at redemption is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport he loves. The same opportunity can also be afforded to the new champion, "Suga" Sean O' Malley. He might want another crack at the - should be number contender- Marlon Vera. Or, he can get his jacket back from Merab Dvalishvili.

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