Greatest Underdogs in all of Boxing

Published on 14 August 2023 at 18:33

 Rising from the Ropes: Unforgettable Underdogs Who Beat the Odds in Boxing



Boxing is a sport known for its fierce competition, where strength, skill, and determination can make the difference between victory and defeat. While many boxers have entered the ring as favorites, some of the most inspiring stories come from the underdogs who defied expectations and emerged victorious against all odds. In this blog post, we'll dive into the remarkable tales of underdogs who conquered the boxing world against formidable opponents.


1. Rocky Balboa - The Ultimate Underdog:

The fictional character Rocky Balboa, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, embodies the spirit of the underdog. In the iconic "Rocky" film series, Rocky rises from obscurity to challenge the reigning champion, Apollo Creed. Despite being seen as a long shot, Rocky's relentless determination, unyielding work ethic, and never-say-die attitude lead him to become a symbol of inspiration for underdogs everywhere.


2. Buster Douglas - A Shocking Upset:

In 1990, Mike Tyson was an unstoppable force in the heavyweight division. But James "Buster" Douglas, often overlooked and underestimated, shocked the world by defeating Tyson in a memorable upset. Despite being a significant betting underdog, Douglas's resilience and tactical approach allowed him to claim the title and prove that even the most dominant opponents can be defeated.


3. Corrie Sanders - The South African Sensation:

Corrie Sanders, a South African heavyweight, faced off against Wladimir Klitschko in 2003. Klitschko was considered one of the most formidable heavyweights of his time, but Sanders displayed lightning-fast hands and powerful punches that caught Klitschko off guard. Sanders secured a stunning knockout victory, showcasing that skill and strategy can overcome size and reputation.


4. Andy Ruiz Jr. - A Cinderella Story:

In 2019, Andy Ruiz Jr. stepped in as a late replacement to face Anthony Joshua for the heavyweight titles. Ruiz, with a less-than-chiseled physique, was often underestimated. However, his lightning-fast hands and relentless pressure led to a shocking upset victory over Joshua, proving that appearances can be deceiving and that heart and skill matter most.


5. Hasim Rahman - A One-Punch Triumph:

In 2001, Hasim Rahman faced Lennox Lewis, an established and dominant heavyweight champion. Rahman, considered a long shot, capitalized on an opportunity with a perfectly timed right hand that knocked out Lewis and secured him the heavyweight championship. This bout demonstrated that in boxing, one well-executed punch can change the course of history.



The world of boxing is replete with tales of underdogs who triumphed against all odds, showcasing the power of determination, skill, and heart. These stories remind us that in the ring, anything is possible, and that true champions are not always those who are favored to win. The tales of Rocky Balboa, Buster Douglas, Corrie Sanders, Andy Ruiz Jr., and Hasim Rahman will continue to inspire generations of athletes and fans, proving that the journey from underdog to champion is a testament to the human spirit's indomitable will to succeed.

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