The Best Left Hook Ever- Sugar Ray Robinson

Published on 2 May 2023 at 07:18

Sugar Ray Robinson is widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. Born in 1921, Robinson began his professional career in 1940 and went on to win multiple world championships in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions. He was known for his incredible speed, footwork, and ability to punch with both hands. However, it was his left hook that is still talked about today, especially the one he landed on Gene Fullmer in their 1957 rematch.


Robinson and Fullmer had fought once before, with Fullmer winning a controversial decision in 1957. Robinson was determined to prove himself and regain his middleweight title, and the two fighters met again in May of that year. The fight was held at the Chicago Stadium in front of a sold-out crowd of over 15,000 people.


The first few rounds of the fight were closely contested, with both fighters landing punches and trying to establish dominance. Robinson was using his speed and footwork to stay out of Fullmer's range, while Fullmer was trying to get inside and land his powerful shots. However, it was in the fifth round that Robinson landed the left hook that would go down in history.


Fullmer was coming forward, throwing punches and looking to land a big shot. Robinson circled to his left, away from Fullmer's power hand, and then suddenly turned and threw a left hook that caught Fullmer flush on the chin. Fullmer's legs buckled, and he fell to the canvas. He managed to get up at the count of three, but he was clearly hurt. Robinson saw his opportunity and went in for the kill, throwing a flurry of punches that eventually forced the referee to stop the fight.


So why is this left hook considered the greatest ever? There are a few reasons. First of all, it was a perfectly executed punch. Robinson had been setting up Fullmer for it with his footwork, and he timed it perfectly. He also threw the punch with incredible speed and power, generating enough force to knock Fullmer down. It was a textbook left hook, delivered with precision and skill.


Secondly, the left hook was significant because of who Robinson was fighting. Gene Fullmer was a tough, rugged fighter who had never been knocked out before. He had a granite chin and was known for his durability. For Robinson to knock him down with a single punch was a testament to both his power and his skill.


Thirdly, the left hook was significant because of the circumstances surrounding the fight. Robinson had lost his middleweight title to Fullmer in a clear cut decision, and he was determined to prove himself and regain his championship. The left hook was the moment that turned the fight in Robinson's favor and ultimately led to his victory. It was a defining moment in Robinson's career, and it cemented his legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time.


Finally, the left hook was significant because of the impact it had on the sport of boxing. It was a moment that transcended the sport, a moment that people still talk about today. It was a moment that inspired other boxers to work on their left hooks, to try to replicate what Robinson had done. It was a moment that showed the power of boxing to captivate and inspire people.


In conclusion, Sugar Ray Robinson's left hook on Gene Fullmer in their 1957 rematch was the greatest left hook ever. It was a perfectly executed punch that knocked down a tough and durable opponent, and it was delivered in a moment that defined Robinson's career. It was a moment that transcended the sport and inspired generations of boxers to come. Sugar Ray Robinson may be gone, but his legacy lives on, and his left hook on Gene Fullmer will always be remembered as one of the greatest moments in boxing history.

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