Busting Myths: Chi Blasts

Published on 27 April 2023 at 03:29

Self-defense is a crucial skill that everyone should possess. Courses in self-defense teach us how to protect ourselves from physical harm, which could be the difference between life and death. Individuals who train in Self Defense unceasingly seek out new and inventive ways to improve their techniques, and it is no secret that traditional martial arts techniques such as judo, karate, and Jiu-jitsu have been highly favored among students. However, a highly debatable and unproven technique used by some masters of self-defense is chi blasts.


What are Chi Blasts?


Chi blast is a term referenced by some self-defense masters to describe bursts of physical energy or aura that can be projected from one's body towards an adversary. The technique is often said to work by using the body's ability to control its inner energy, known as chi, qi, or ki. The training of chi blast starts with learning how to breathe correctly, visualize the energy, and move it through the body. The idea is that once the energy is gathered in one's hands or feet, it can be released in a burst of force towards an attacker. Supporters of this technique claim that it can be used to knock over an opponent from a distance and provide an effective means of self-defense. We don't live in an anime world where blasting people is an option.


Chi Blasts: An Unproven Technique


The concept of chi blasts in self-defense has been dismissed by medical science as a myth. The use of chi as a means of defense is based on the belief in traditional Chinese medicine that operates on a model of bodily energy that can affect a person's health, wellbeing, and movement. It's referred to as "qi," where the word is associated with the life force that flows through the body. It is commonly described, albeit with varying interpretations or spellings, as the subtle, animating energy that interpenetrates and informs all things. However, the concept of chi is based on tradition and is not supported by mainstream scientific thinking.


Critics argue that the concept of chi blasts is not backed up by science, and they believe that there is no empirical evidence to support its effectiveness in self-defense. Their argument is that the only energy that exists in the human body is chemical, thermal or electrical. There have been no studies that demonstrate the existence or effects of this kind of energy, and combat sports and martial arts do not incorporate this method.


Supporters of chi blasts argue that just because the existence of something is not yet proven, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. The concept of chi has been used for centuries, so there must be some validity to its existence. They further assert that chi is a feeling within one's body that comes with training and that with practice, anyone can learn how to control it.


Prominent Self-Defense Masters Who Use Chi Blasts


While the use of chi blasts may seem dubious to some, there are self-defense masters who believe in this technique and have achieved great success by applying it. Here are some of the self-defense experts who use chi blasts:


1. Master Nan Lu – This Qi Gong expert has over three decades of experience in teaching the art of healing and self-defense. He teaches how to use the body's internal energy to ward off an attacker by using Qi as an invisible force.


2. Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit – He teaches the Shaolin arts and uses chi to demonstrate the power of internal energy in self-defense. He is an advocate for the power of internal energy on the physical and mental levels.


3. Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang – This Tai Chi expert has practiced the art of Tai Chi for over half a century and is a 19th generation direct descendant of the founder of Tai Chi, Chuan Wang Zongyue. He advocates the use of this intrinsic energy to protect oneself.


Arguments Against the Use of Chi Blast as a Self-Defense Technique


Critics of the chi blast method in self-defense present several arguments that support their opinion.


1. Lack of Scientific Evidence: As discussed earlier, there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of chi or its effects.


2. Illogical: Some critics argue that it is illogical to believe that one can project an invisible force towards an attacker to ward them off.


3. Misleading: The use of chi blast is seen as a misleading technique that gives individuals a false sense of security.


4. Not Practical: It is said to be farfetched to believe that individuals can use a technique where they must concentrate on building up their body's energy to use in self-defense when in real-life situations, such as muggings, attackers would not give them the time to concentrate and use their technique.


Arguments for the Use of Chi Blast as a Self-Defense Technique


On the other hand, supporters of chi blast present the following arguments:


1. Traditional Art: The art of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Kung Fu is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and is a system that has been used for centuries around the world.


2. Self-Defense: Chi blast is seen as a practical technique that is used to protect oneself. The force generated can be effective in knocking over an attacker.


3. Spiritual Practice: Chi blast is seen as a spiritual practice that helps individuals achieve inner peace and balance.


The Verdict

The concept of chi blasts in self-defense is a topic of hot debate. While there are self-defense masters who use this technique, it is an unproven method with no empirical evidence to support its effectiveness. Therefore, individuals should be cautious when considering chi blasts as a self-defense method and seek out other more traditional martial arts techniques for strengthening and protection. As with any self-defense technique, the most critical aspect is training, conditioning, and practicing the technique over an extended period to familiarize oneself with it.

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