Best Boxers from Jamaica

Published on 19 April 2023 at 09:33

Jamaica may be known for its music, food, and beautiful beaches, but it is also home to a thriving boxing scene, with some top-notch boxers making their mark on the sport. Here’s a look at the history of Jamaican boxing and the best Jamaican boxers of all time.


Boxing has been a part of Jamaica’s culture for over a century. In the early 1900s, boxing matches were held in Kingston, the largest and capital city of Jamaica. The sport gained popularity, and by the 1970s, Jamaica had produced several world-class boxers.


One of the most prominent Jamaican boxers of all time is Mike McCallum. He was born in Kingston in 1956 and turned professional in 1981. McCallum had a 49-5-1 record and won world titles in three different weight classes. He is respected as one of the best boxers ever to come out of Jamaica and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003.


Another legendary Jamaican boxer is Trevor Berbick. He was born in Port Antonio in 1954 and became a professional boxer in 1976. Berbick held the WBC heavyweight title from 1986 to 1987 and is perhaps best known for being the last person to fight Muhammad Ali, whom he defeated in a 10-round decision in 1981.


Lennox Lewis is another great Jamaican boxer who went on to have a successful career. Although he was born in London, England, his parents were Jamaican. Lewis won a gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and became the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in 1999. He retired in 2004 with a record of 41-2-1.


Other notable Jamaican boxers include Trevor Graham, Bunny Grant, and Richard “Shrimpy” Clarke. Graham won a bronze medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics and was a successful professional boxer in the 1980s. Grant was the first Jamaican to win a Commonwealth boxing title, and Clarke was a featherweight boxer who won 31 of his 32 professional fights.


Jamaican boxing has had a bit of a lull in recent years, but there are still talented fighters coming up through the ranks. One of the most promising young boxers from Jamaica is Nicholas Walters. He won the WBA featherweight title in 2012 and has a record of 26-1-1.


In conclusion, Jamaican boxing has a long and proud history, with several great boxers having come out of the island nation. From Mike McCallum to Lennox Lewis, these athletes have left a lasting impression on the sport of boxing. With young talent like Nicholas Walters on the rise, we can expect to see more great things from Jamaican boxers in the future.

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