Five Times Fighters Were Heroes

Published on 5 April 2023 at 09:08

Martial artists come in every shape, size, and skill level, but they all share a common desire to protect themselves and others. Throughout history, fighters have played a significant role in thwarting criminal activity.

Here are some noteworthy examples of times when fighters stopped criminals:

  1. Chuck Norris Dissuades a Robber with his Bare Hands: In 1995, a robber broke into Chuck Norris’s house in Texas. If Norris had been asleep, the intruder may have taken everything and vanished without a trace. However, Chuck Norris was awake and ready to fight the criminal. Using his martial arts skills, Norris fought off the robber until police arrived.

  2. Norwegian MMA Fighter Stops a Grocery Store Robbery: In 2017, an MMA fighter, Emil Meek, was shopping with his wife in a grocery store when two robbers held up the store at gunpoint. Without hesitation, Meek punched one of the robbers in the face, and the other robber fled. Meek held the criminal on the ground until police arrived.

  3. Ex-UFC Fighter Prevents a Home Invasion: In 2017, Joe Torrez, an ex-UFC fighter, was at home with his family in New Mexico when several men tried to break into his house. Torrez and his family fought off the intruders, and one of the burglars died from his injuries. Torrez was never charged with any crimes as he was protecting his family.

  4. Rener Gracie Protects His Wife from an Attacker: In 2019, Rener Gracie, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and co-founder of Gracie University, defended his wife from an attacker outside their California home. The attacker had claimed to have a gun and demanded money from Gracie’s wife. Gracie subdued the attacker with his martial arts skills and held him until police arrived.

  5. MMA Fighter Stops a Vicious Attack: In 2012, fighter Matt Kline intervened in a domestic dispute in Iowa. Kline saw a man assaulting a woman, and he quickly jumped in to protect her. Kline’s actions helped prevent the attacker from seriously injuring the victim.

These are just a few examples of how fighters can use their martial arts skills to stop criminal activity. While laws differ from state to state, most jurisdictions allow people to use force to protect themselves and their property. However, it’s important to note that there’s always a risk involved when intervening in potentially dangerous situations. Before taking any action, it’s essential to assess the situation and ensure that you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and others.

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Carlos Rafael Garcia Sonora
8 months ago

I agree 100%, martial arts in a person who masters them constitutes a totally autonomous weapon, I myself have always wanted to learn some, but laziness defeats me

8 months ago


Jassica Riley
8 months ago

Norris wasn’t an athletic child and only took up tang soo do while in the US Air Force. He went on to earn black belts in three disciplines, invented his own hybrid style called chun kuk do (‘The Universal Way’), and became a world karate champion in 1968. Norris is a legendary icon of martial arts.

8 months ago

In addition to the incidents I mentioned earlier, Jackie Chan has also been involved in other acts of heroism. For example, in 1989, he helped save a crew member from drowning during the filming of a movie in Yugoslavia. He has also been involved in various charity efforts, including donating money to help earthquake victims in China and providing assistance to flood victims in Thailand.

Harley Phillips
8 months ago

I totally agree with you this is an excellent topic! I have actually been hoping to learn martial arts myself sometime soon! It is definitely beneficial when you or those around you could use a hand, as long as no guns, etc are involved!

8 months ago

Chuck Norris is one of my favorite celebrities, this is so cool! Honestly, it sounds like I need to learn MMA so that I could better protect myself and others if needed! Thanks for sharing!

Dean Mallon
8 months ago

Martial arts is great sport and great for discipline Bruce Lee was the guy 👌

Jenifer Lapinski
8 months ago

I really love martial artists so this article was great!

David Dibella
8 months ago

I literally agree. Absolutely, your blog posts are excellent.

Allan Americo berti
8 months ago

It's inspiring to see how martial artists have been able to use their skills to prevent criminal activity and protect themselves and others. These stories highlight the importance of being prepared and having the ability to defend oneself in dangerous situations. However, it's important to remember that martial arts training should never be used as an excuse for vigilante justice or excessive force. As the article points out, there are risks involved in intervening in potentially dangerous situations, and it's essential to prioritize safety and use good judgment before taking any action. Ultimately, the goal should always be to protect oneself and others while minimizing harm and violence whenever possible.

Igor Makovey
8 months ago

I congratulate you for a very informative article. I really enjoy reading these tour articles. I want these kinds of posts to come more. Thank you for this informative article.

8 months ago

Chuck Norris is an American martial artist.Before his acting career, Norris served in the United States Air Force and became a martial arts champion. He is a black belt in multiple martial arts disciplines, including Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Tae Kwon Do.

Caroline K
8 months ago

Chuck Norris!!! Gotta love Chuck Norris, pure goodness in that man. He's got a really great exercise system too!

8 months ago

i think martial arts is a great idea, but maybe not so much for home invasions. in the united states anyway, intruders are more likely to have a weapon and unfortunately, unless you're very lucky, you're more likely to get hurt than your intruder =/

Jones Piard
8 months ago

I imagine thats why most fighters became what they eventually became.

Parsa Mehdi
8 months ago

It's been a very good summer. I love reading all of these articles.

8 months ago

I absolutely 100% agree. He is a great martial artist. He has been in ACTION MOVIES. I remember when he was promoting total gym. I like him in everything he did, he has been an actor since 1968.

8 months ago

I wonder if the robber knew they were breaking into Chuck Norris's house... I suspect not, otherwise I doubt they would have done it!

8 months ago

I love how post highlights real-life examples of how fighters have used their martial arts skills to thwart criminal activity while acknowledging the importance of assessing situations and taking necessary precautions. Great read!

Brandon Jerome Kirk
8 months ago

These heros are the most favorite from the 80s and 90s...

8 months ago

It really makes me wonder what would happen if these fighting legends would fight real supeheroes!

8 months ago


janet lovia
8 months ago

This highlights some noteworthy instances where martial artists have successfully thwarted criminal activity and protected themselves and others.

Jesus Mack
8 months ago

Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan are of my favorites
celebrities and martial artist.....They are heroes at their time of stardom.

8 months ago

Impressive fighters.

Lucas Smith
8 months ago

Wow these fighters stopped criminals in a very heroic way. Loved to learn about their braveness. Thanks!

8 months ago

Great men that will never be forgotten

Victor Lo
8 months ago

Never knew these fighters were involved in these events! Just amazing how they used their skills.

8 months ago

It's impressive to see how fighters have used their martial arts skills to protect themselves and others from criminal activity in these instances. These stories highlight the importance of being prepared to defend oneself and others, and the potential impact that martial arts training can have in real-life situations. However, it's important to remember that intervening in dangerous situations can be risky, and it's crucial to assess the situation carefully and prioritize safety when deciding whether to take action. Overall, these stories are inspiring examples of how fighters can make a positive difference in their communities through their training and willingness to act.