Honest Opinion: What's next for Jake Paul?

Published on 9 March 2023 at 19:17

Jake Joseph Paul (born January 17, 1997)[1] is an American social media personality and professional boxer. It is that last title.that has given me pause. Professional boxer. It leaves me eith a weird stance. One one hand, I am no fan of influencer boxing taking precedence over professional boxers. On the other hand, I must credit Jake Paul for raising fighter pay awareness and bringing attention to women's boxing.

Jake Paul gauned notoriety in boxing for a string of impressive knockouts. That same notoriety also holds the albatross of having not faced an actual pro boxer. Jake Paul knocked out former MMA grappler Ben Askren, former MMA champion Tyron Woodley, and defeated Anderson Silva. These men were all between 38-47, in losing streaks in MMA, and had little to no bixing experience. The narrative was that Jake Paul would not face a true boxer. That all changed on February 26,2023. On this date, Jake Paul faced Tommy Fury. An 8-0 boxer, and younger brother of two time and current undefeated heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. Entering the fight, Jake Paul was 6-0. After years of hype and trash talk, they fought. Well, hugged mostly. But still, they got in the ring. Jake Paul dropped Tommy Fury, showing hus power is legitimate. Jake Paul also lost the fight via split decision. In his coming out party against a pronboxer, Jake lost. That should be the end of his bixing career, right?!

No. Without googling, van you off the top of your head name the first seven opponents for Muhammad Ali, Artur Beterbiev, or Lennox Lewis? I don't nthink so. Furthermore, boxers don't exactly fight the best opposition on the w ay up. Early fights are taken to hone a young fighter's skill until they are ready for the world stage. The fact that Jake Paul chose to fight MMA fighters is no knock. The people he fought had at least a decade advantage of actual combat experience. Now that he lost, people.are using this as a way to call an end to Jake Paul's boxing career. Six wins vanish before one loss. To me, he is a one loss fighter who had one fight. Influencer boxing is social media stars who take up boxing against people who are inept at the slightest concept of punching or moving and get paid bwtter than most actual boxing champs to do so. This was a loss in a pro fight. He dropped a split decision in afight where he scored a knockdown. What's next?!

Next is simple. If Jake Paul is serious about boxing, he should continue. Without the burden of having to be undefeated, Jake Paul can be free to call out anyone. Currently, he is looking to figut Floyd Mayweather Jr. I don't like the fight because it will most likely be a money grab exhibition. There is a rematch clause against Tommy Fury. If I were Jake or his handlers I would delay the fight. Get some experience against pro boxers with one or two fight experience..Ignore the KSI call-out. That fight jas been on the table since the precipice of influencer boxing and has not come close to fruition. Jake defeated KSI's younger brother, Deji and KSI defeated Jake's older brother, Logan Paul. Any fight woth it's dalt would have happened when the two fights aforementioned happened, years ago. Speaking of salt, there is a.new personality with legit boxing training on the radar..His name is Salt Papi. Yes I  am aware at how bad that segway was and now I'm a hypocrite for suggesting another influencer to fight. But hear me out.

This would be a fight between the two best boxers on social media who starch people. The winner of this fight has a legit claim to being the best of this niche and ahould jump to pro level full time. The path for the loser is more difficult because all.boxers now won't fight someone who takes or loss or doesn't win impressively enough, or if they are adraid to fight. That's a lot of not fighting for fighters. This fight would appease people who dislike Jake Paul and want to see if Salt Papi can be tested at his current level. In a sport where fighters will do anything but fight, I just want to see a fight.


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