Five Tips to be a More Competent Fighter

Published on 10 February 2023 at 23:08

So, your girl’s ex is talking about her on social media. He’s being very disrespectful. As a matter of fact, he’s been disrespectful for a minute. Your girlfriend just don’t want to bother you with issues from her past. But, she can’t take it anymore. Now crying on your chest and recounting every derisive comment, she begs you to do what’s right. Handle it. Mad a s you should be, you send expletive laden messages on social media and set up a spot to handle your differences. It’s game day. You pull up to the spot. He’s there. You walk up and in all the confusion, you forgot! You don’t know how to fight. Don’t worry! I have your back! No, I won’t help you fight; I value my teeth way too much. But…. Here are five Tips to make you a more competent fighter.


Jab. Use that jab. Jab the head and body. Always bring that punch back to your defense and move your head when you throw it. A jab is a range finder. A jab sets up bigger punches. A jab can intercept your attackers combinations. A jab is a fast weapon that can be fired off with little telegraphing. My point is that a jab is versatile. Step in as you jab. That makes it a good jab. Jab the eyes and nose. Jabbing the nose causes the eyes to water. Jabbing the eyes make break your attackers orbital bone causing their eye socket to swell. In both cases, their vision will be affected. You can’t hit what you can’t see.


Throw hooks. A hook is a power punch that can target the head or body. If going to the head, aim behind the ear for your target. This area is very sensitive and not meant to take damage. Also, hits hear can offset a person’s equilibrium. This is a function of the ear which controls balance. When attacking the head, rotate your fist180 ° on contact. This applies more force and can cut a foe. It does take off speed. When going to the body, do not turn your punches over. Hit and get out of danger.


Feint. If you aren’t a trained fighter, you will get tired throwing punches. Conserve energy and make your opponent waste theirs by feinting. Pretend to throw a strike or attack. This will have one of two effects. Either your opponent will bite on the feint and attack. If they attack, use the opportunity to throw a hard counter. If they don’t attack when you feint, you know that certain attacks will draw no reaction from your opponent. You may be able to land this attack more successfully.


Sway. Another way to get your opponent to expend energy without doing damage to you. Move out of your opponents reach as they swing. Chances are you are untrained. Therefore your sways will resemble lunges as you  dodge. When you sway, keep your hands up. Don’t leave your punch range. You should be able to land a punch after the other guy misses Don’t get caught coming around the corner with your hands down. Every move should begin and end with a solid defense. Tuck that chin. Hands up.


Breathe. A fight is a chaotic scenario. Life and death. It’s  definitely an adrenaline overdose. As time passes, that adrenaline will dive. Your breathing will fail you. Most untrained people focus on throwing punches like Floyd Mayweather. They don’t take the time to breathe with punches. If you can’t breathe, you can’t fight. Controlled breathing calms the mind and will allow you  more carefully and technically engage.


I doubt that you would have time to read this post before fighting.  If you had read this post and applied everything correctly, chances are you would have went at your girl’s ex and gotten killed. The above advice is meant to supplement actual training. You can’t  be reminded of things you don’t  know. The above techniques will make you more competent and better able to mount a defense. For the best results and ability to defend yourself, please train at a traditional martial arts school.  Or read my previous posts. I mean someone has to.

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