Five Myths About Streetfighting

Published on 8 February 2023 at 19:28

Have you ever had the dream where you are fighting someone but your punches are super slow? Do you wake up thinking only in a dream could you fight so bad? Well that may not be the case. Every guy is an ass-kicking machine in their minds, but what happens when the real thing happens in the streets? These are the five biggest myths about street fighting.

I can beat the martial artist in the street fight because there are no rules.

Anybody can win a fight against another person. These odds go drastically South when the untrained person is fighting a trained person. For some reason, the setting of a street fight gives untrained people supreme confidence that they will be able to hold their own in combat against training combatants. This thinking is due to the fact that there are no rules. Because there are no rules you can use low blows, bites, and weapons. And the allotment of these tools should be able to cancel out years of martial arts training. But wait! There are no rules. That means that the martial artist who can salvage you with their bare hands is also able to bite, use low blows, and weapons. Not only are they able to use weapons, but some martial arts are weapons based therefore allowing them to use weapons even more efficiently than you. Effectively, the street fighting also gives the martial artist and opportunity to not show restraint and attack with be full ferocity of their capabilities.

Muscular guys will always win.

Being stronger then your opponent is an advantage. Being able to muscle somebody around, hit harder than them and pretty much bullying opponent is great for confidence and being able to dictate whether the fight goes to the ground. Being more muscular than your opponent does not always guarantee a win. Muscular men and women often have striations in their chest. These linear muscles across the chest will telegraph punches. Not only will muscles telegraph your attacks, they also take oxygen in order to function. If your oxygen is depleting because of your body, you have less stamina available to fight. If you can’t breathe, you can’t win.

Fights Last a Long Time.

There is a belief around fighting that fights last rounds in the street. I will explain why that is not true for two reasons. First is that most people are untrained in fighting. They do not have the cardio required to keep up a sustained and intelligent attack. They will get tired very quickly after throwing very few punches and the fight will devolve into a shouting matching which both parties leave claiming victory. That’s if the fight goes that long. Most fights usually end with a first blow knockout because people are untrained and have no idea how to defend themselves properly against an attack. The second reason is that people really really don't want to go to jail. Sure a physical encounter is likely. But in today’s age when phones come out and start recording, everyone regains their sense and leaves. Nothing is worse than being arrested or having a video posted of you being knocked out online.

Martial Arts is Ineffective.

That truly depends on the martial art being practice. If you practice Russian slap fighting, there is 104% chance that you will lose in street fighting with a 4% margin of error. However, traditional martial arts will provide as much safety as possible in a dangerous situation. The purpose of traditional martial arts is to teach practitioners how to intelligently defend themselves against people who know how to defend themselves. Fighting someone who is totally untrained is below par for a long time practitioner. Most people don’t know how to throw a punch. They don’t know which knuckles to avoid making contact with in order to avoid breaking their hands. They don’t know how to stuff takedowns, defend against an iminari roll, or anaconda choke. Most people don’t even know what those words mean. If you do not understand something, you are powerless to stop it.


1 v 1 me.

While popular to say this online, the fact is most street fights are never fair fights. When engaging in the street fight, your focus cannot be on one opponent. That is because there are more possible assailants nearby. A street fight is a variable that you cannot prepare for. You do not know your opponent. Therefore you do not know if they are armed, if they have backup, or what's in their background. The notion that a street fight is going to be a one versus one affair is predicated on a system of Honor. But this is a street fight. There are no rules so there is no honor. This is a situation in which two primary individuals engage in combat over dominance or survival. Both of those elements are so primal and integrated into the human mind that they override logic. How many times have we heard amen vents about being disrespected, or seen fight start over perceived disrespect. It is so common to see gangland activity and jumping individuals that expecting a fight to be fair is actually naïve and dangerous.


I can tell you plenty of other myths about street fighting that are not true. But I would like to leave you with a truth. The best sure fire way to win a street fight is by leaving. You are health and freedom are not worth a contest of egos. Unless you are physically assaulted, your life is an imminent danger, or the same situation before us people in your care, there is no reason to assume the risk. We are all human. Nobody is invincible. Nobody is killing six guys with a pencil. And for God’s sake, please don’t defer to self defense courses as actual fight training. You can learn how to fight by learning how to fight at an accredited traditional martial arts gym or MMA gym.  

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