Could Lennox Lewis have Continued to Fight?

Published on 3 February 2023 at 18:29

While many people may not list him on their own greatest of all time list, Lennox Lewis is an all time great. He defeated high caliber opposition consistently. His hit list includes Mike Tyson,.Evander Holyfield, Razor Ruddock, Frank Bruno, David Tua, and Vitali Klitschko. He registered a win over everyone he fought. At six foot five and two hundred and fifty chiseled pounds, Lennox Lewis exercised immense strength to bully opponents. His style was often ugly. It involved leaning on an opponent to make them carry his weight. His jab was more of a measuring tool in order to land right uppercuts. Lewis had a bad habit of flailing his left arm when being attacked.


It is my estimation that Lewis could have fought on past the age of 38, when he retired. I do not believe that he would have been champion at the age of 47, which he would need to surpass the age of 46 when George Foreman was stripped of WBA title for not fighting his mandatory challenger, Tony Tucker. Foreman also relinquished his IBF belt rather than rematch Alex Schulz, who he owns a dubious win over. Lennox would not be champion at age 47, because of Vitali Klitschko. Vitali Klitschko was the last man to face Lennox Lewis, and was doing very well in the fight until suffering a fight ending cut over his eye. Lewis decided to vacate his titles in lieu of a rematch. The fact that he would choose to gve up the heavyweight title and retire versus facing one half of the brother that would have a stranglehold on the heavyweight title picture until Vitali's retirement in 2013. At the time, Lewis was 48.


Lewis skill, size, and ability to swap an opponents strength by leaning on them would have served him well against Bermaine Stiverne and Charles Martin. These are two forgotten heavyweight titlists that both succumb to stronger men bullying tham in the ring. Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua proved that respectively. In fact, only the Klitschko brother possess.enough of a mix of talent and size to avoid being bullied by Lennox Lewis. Trying to capture gold after the departure of Vitali puts Lewis at 48–49, 11 years past retirement. Lewis was susceptible to being knocked out in his prime. Oliver McCall and Hassim Rahman put Lennox away. Chins don't get better with age. They get worse. Deontay Wilder.could one shot kill Lewis, even though leaning tactics work well on Wilder. See Wilder vs Fury 2. It would be a shame for Lewis to compete anywhere in the last 10 years because heavyweights have a focus on power above all else. He could do everything right and get caught by someone he would have killed in his heyday, and suffer a defeat. S no, Lennox Lewis would not be the oldest champion in heavyweight history because he exempted himself from facing Klitschko. If Lennox were to return after the Klitschko era, he would beat some guys. But he would be brutally finished by top punchers. If he were to beat a marquee name and that fight go to a decision, the marquee name would most likely get the nod. Boxing is a business before sport. It makes more sense to build cow that you can drain for 20 years versus milking dust for another 5. text.

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