Fantasy Booking the Bloodline post WWE Royal Rumble

Published on 2 February 2023 at 23:59

What will happen with Jey Uso and The Bloodline?

Jey Uso is a curious case. He was the last member of the Bloodline to accept Sami Zayn, yet the first to choose Zayn over family. Hey is already posting pictures of Roman Reigns with the hashtag “ Run it back" on social media, indicating he wants to feud with Roman again. This should lead to the Usos losing the tag titles to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. That answer is too short so please permit me to exercise fantasy booking powers.


Jey should not appear on TV. Incapable of the Bloodline should know where he is or what he is doing. In the meantime Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn should rekindle their friendship over their shared assault at the hands of the Bloodline at the Royal Rumble, and challenge the Usos to a title match at the Elimination Chamber ppv. Jimmy Uso should show up to the match unsure if Jey will show up. Jey comes out just as the referee is about to declare a forfeiture. The two teams should have a crazy battle with Jimmy about to be pinned until Solo Sikoa breaks up the fall, causing a disqualification. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn should get beat down again. Roman Reigns should arrive and as Jimmy and Solo carry out the attack, while never taking his off of Jey who refused to join in. Jey should leave again. This time, after the paper view, Hey should be hostile and openly defiant. He should try to convince Jimmy to stop being a punk and remember that they were champions before big Uce even had a contract. Jimmy should play peacemaker and keep Jey and Roman from fighting on many instances, or not interfere when one has the upper hand Solo should always help Roman win in the end.


Cody should beat Reigns outright at WrestleMania. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn should have a rematch for the tag titles with Solo Sikoa barred from ringside or Roman Reigns would be stripped of his world titles. The Usos should be ready to win when Roman Reigns interrupts, after a ref pump. He should intend to spear Sami Zayn but hit Jimmy Uso. Kevin Owens should hit a stunner on Roman and take the win and titles.


After WrestleMania losses, Jey should vie for his and Jimmy's freedom from Roman. Roman should tell him he will only be worthy if he can defeat a hardcore Samoan themed match. It should involve hot coals. During the match, everytime Jey hits the coal he should write in agony. Solo should walk on the coals nonchalantly. Jey should win a brutal battle. Reigns should attack afterwards and avoid Jey until the last week before Money in the Bank. He should.arrange for a match between Jey and Jimmy. Before the match gets underway, Solo and Roman should brutalize Jey. Jimmy should stand aside, unable to watch. He should try to somberly look at Jey as he leaves with the Bloodline.


Reigns and Jey should have a war at Money in the Bank with Roman about to strike Jey with a chair while the ref is down . Jimmy should come out. Reigns should offer Jimmy the chair. Jimmy should take the chair and ponder about it before striking Reigns, allowing Jey to win. An exasperated Key should grab Jimmy and yell We the ones, Day ones.


During this time, Cody should vacate the Universal title in a bid to be a fighting champion who defends his belt in every city and how he wouldn't deny people the opportunity to do the same, unless they were able to challenge him.


The vacant Universal title should be up for grabs in a battle royal. Roman should win. The scenario should involve Drew McIntyre dumping Solo over the top rope. Reigns should skulk from behind as toss them both over. Jimmy and Jey should go to Solo as he is in his locker room alone and remind him that he is their brother, too. Roman only cares about Roman. In the following weeks, Solo should go on a rampage defeating mid carders easily. After each win , Roman should arrive and bask in the praise. Solo should grow more annoyed and begin to ask to come out and leave by himself for all of his matches. Roman and Paul Heyman should express.pride in Solo's growth, always reminding him that he made Solo. Two weeks before the next paper view, Solo should win a war against any upper midcarder. He should stand.on the turnbuckle and pander to the crowd to get support. This match must be 5 stars. Roman will come out and alternate gazes between the crowd and Solo. As the crowd gets hot for Solo, he starts to chant Acknowledge me. Reigns should try and make Solo leave by grabbing his arm. Solo should pull away. Reigns should be irritated and grab Solo by his face screaming I am the tribal chief. Solo should break his grip, deliver a Samoan drop and then a spike. He should take Reigns' title as he walks off.


Incensed, one week later, Roman Reigns offers Solo a title shot, only if he can have something in return. If Solo loses, he is contractually property of the tribal chief in perpetuity and Solo must return the belt immediately. Solo is about to turn in the belt but eats a Superman punch from Reigns. Heyman and Reigns gloat over Solo's body. “Too easy".


At the paper view, Solo should win the belt. He should fight like an underdog and take every big move Reigns has before putting him away. The finish should see The Usos entrance theme hit while Reigns is loading up for a spear. Reigns hesitates due to the distraction, but charges Solo anyway. His spear is countered into a Samoan drop. The Solo gives him the spike. 1..2..3.. New champ. Solo should walk up the entrance ramp to his brothers, who at this point should have the tag titles again. They hold up the ones gesture. Paul Heyman is in total shock as Reigns regroups.


On TV, Reigns should defeat the Usos in singles matches. He should assault Solo one week before the next paper view. Solo should over Reigns a total shot because he enjoyed the feeling of causing Reigns sorrow once and wonders if the second time will feel as good. They should have a match the final week. Solo and one brother vs Roman and Heyman. Winner chooses.the stipulation. Roman should win after blasting Solo's partner with a weapon out of sight of the referee. Roman should choose a hardcore match. Solo should narrowly win.


Reigns should show up in television distraught. He should look totally disheveled and beg Adam Pierce for any title match. The IC belt should be defended that night. Reigns should interfere on the match when one competitor I'd down and try to steal the pin. The ref won't because he is not in the match. Adam should grant Reigns one last shot at Sikoa on the condition that should he lose, while Solo is champ, Reigns will never be in a title match of any kind. The match should be hell in a cell with Solo winning.


After this, Reigns should show signs of trauma. He should begin referring to himself as a fractured being. He should give off evangelical minister vibes. He would brutally beat opponents and then weep as they are prone on the mat. Roman should promise that suffering is almost at an end, because they are coming. His gimmick isn't supernatural. Roman should promise to bring order and a true family by sacrificing victims to an unseen higher power. On tv, any large next call ups dressed like Jimmy Jey and Sikoa will debit as the true Bloodline, Reigns'loyalist who recite his words like Gospel.

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