The Sexy Girl Got the Promotion

Published on 30 January 2023 at 13:35

I know. It isn’t fair. This girl wears tight clothes, revealing a snatched waist and hills a lot of men and women would

love to climb. She comes to work with a model face and make up routine. I’ll flat out say it. She’s

sleeping with the boss. There’s no way that she earned a promotion. I agree. This girl sounds hot. Now

come out of this bad porn fantasy and let’s walk in reality for a sec.

You know this woman is sexy. That’s the way she is emblazoned in your mind and because of that, her

entire value lies in beauty. While internally recognizing the attractiveness of a coworker should be

harmlessness, the notion of that attractiveness being a benefit in employment has negative

connotations if untrue.

Because your coworker is good-looking, the merit of their work is nil. You have not only sexualized

them, but also projected your sexual desires onto a manager or supervisor. This person in authority, like

you, must also want sex and is willing to risk a career, termination, and sexual assault case for sex. You

think everyone is sex crazed. Because you are.

Take a. step back. Is your work up to par? Are you projecting your desires onto a person of power

because you wish to be that person. Would you take advantage of your position and get the sex you

want? I hope the answer is no. But understand, that sex takes two( more , if you’re into that) people. If

sex for career advancement draws your ire, then coalescing to it make the manager a predator. Very

bold accusations.

Is it true. Now, it is wholly wrong if the sex in exchange for career advancement is true. But, do you

know if. It is true? Thinking that it is true is one thing. What happens when you say so at work. While it

may be light banter and office gossip to start, this is an easy road to a defamation of character lawsuit.

The only ways to prove the veracity of your suspicions would be if the “couple” were to engage in office

P.D.A, or if you adopted a second career as a sleuth and followed them off the clock in order to get

evidence. Creepy.

Men and women can both be the object of affection. If your or anyone you know is faced with this crisis

and want help dealing with any of the following: (psychosis, feeling of unworthiness, lust unrequited

feelings), please call for help at 1-800… Nah! Just joshing. I’m not going to be oblivious and ignorant

and say it doesn’t happen. But if that is the situation, report it to the Equal Opportunity Commission in

your local area. Don’t become a private eye! Don’t become a gossip faucet.

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