Capital Punishment

Published on 23 January 2023 at 21:49

You have committed the newest crime eligible for the death penalty. Don’t bother thinking of legal
defenses. There is no trial- just sentencing. You will be killed. Your assets will be repossessed. Your
memory will be deleted. You will not spend decades on death row. You will be sentences immediately
after your offense. Your crime is disagreeing with a popular opinion.

In America, people pride themselves on freedom. The freedom to love, laugh, bear arms, and mostly the
freedom to speak are just some of the liberties allegedly guaranteed to citizens. But what if that is a lie.
What if you could only speak, if your voice matches the rest of the population word for word? Easy!
Innovation would cease. Invention and innovation come from questions. Asking and trying is the basis of
hypothesis and the scientific method. If no one spoke during the Mid Atlantic Slave trade, my people
would be in literal chains. Maybe chains wouldn’t have been invented if no one thought to pose to solve
a problem of hitching objects together. But today, you are free to speak. You can speak ass long as what
you say is not a dissenting view . It does not matter if that view harms no one or was expressed in a time
where it would have been acceptable or common place. It can be transposed into the modern era and
deemed offensive.

Is it right? Some speech should be censored. But at the very least, whoever ascertains aa view due to life
experience or has an opinion based on observation should be allowed to explain themselves. If
something a person says is racist or harmful, they should be silenced. Why? Because we know right and
wrong. But if someone doesn’t like a celebrity or prefers the Oscars to the BET Awards, that is at most
cause for an eye roll in front whatever screen you are viewing this post on. That’s it. Social media
profiles and professional connections should not be erased because of a belief.
The idea to erase people who believe in different ideas and want to practice them is founded in the
same primordial ooze that begot persecution of Christians and Muslims. And I am not totally sure, but
Christianity has gained some popularity. The only thing achieved by silencing a voice is silence. So before
you organize a cancel mob, please think. On what basis is it that my views are right? Are my views just
that or a product of my upbringing and therefore indoctrination? Will these views stand the test of time
and forever be deemed right? Or like so many before me, will history wash me aside for something new
and fresh- the new right?
You may not be right, but you can stay critical. Stay observant.

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