Justice Isn't Blind....Right?

Published on 23 January 2023 at 21:37

Justice isn't blind. It's very very targeted. Unless you've been living under a proverbial rock, you know
exactly who Andrew Tate is. More importantly, you know the effect he’s had on the younger generation
of men today. Terms like sigma male and manosphere having created as a form of homage to him. You
also know that he is in a Romanian jail on charges of human trafficking, basically running a sex den. I’m
not here to debate whether these charges are true or not. But to discuss why at this junction was
Andrew Tate targeted.

The truth shall not set you free. What the truth does is make you a target. For almost 10 years , Andrew
Tate ran a cam girl website. His legal troubles only began after he became famous on the internet, and
his audience of young men turned into a cult like following. If he did commit crimes, it should not matter
when he was apprehended. However, it is curious that the most famous advocate of masculinity has
been targeted. For arguments sake, let's say that there was a woman who committed crimes and she
had a following of young woman, gravitating towards her world views. Views such as “get that bag”, or “
shake that ass for cash” will be gospel for this group. You don't have to wonder what would happen.
We’ve seen it

Cardi B has admitted to drugging men and robbing them in clubs. Both felonies- both publicly admitted
and verifiable-both wholly ignored by law enforcement. Why? It is because of a shift in society where
men is seeing as nothing more than second class subservient beings, not humans, vessels to inflict for
past generations’ privilege and inflated statistics on violence.

If someone admits to a crime, why are they not charged. It is easy. It is because Cardi B, is a young
attractive woman who is demonizing younger woman by making sexualization normal. Yes, young
woman should have the right to explore their sexuality and feel confident in their bodies as is natural of
human progression. But they should not be taught that their bodies are a form of transaction or
currency. Community crimes is not a come up. It just makes you a criminal.
Why are Andrew Tate and Cardi B being treated so differently? It is because today’s world is driven by
degradation of values and the idea that whoever parrots the narrative loudest is a hero, and whoever
goes against the narrative is a villain that must be stopped. Yes, I have described Cardi B’s actions as
criminal. That is because they are. That is what makes them attractive to woman today. In today’s world
of female empowerment, sexuality, sex, freedom, and outgoingness are interwoven into an
embodiment of a boss bitch. And it’s powerful to be a boss bitch. You’re loud. You get money. You have
men at your beck and call. It is easy to see why women today would choose to be your boss bitch, when
it seems that the alternative would be to revert to the housewives and subservient beings of
generations past.

While I do not know if Andrew Tate is guilty or not, I know for a fact that Cardi B is guilty. By ignoring her
admission of crimes, what the world is saying is that it is okay to commit crimes as long as they are
against men. Men deserve bad things to happen to them. To ascribe to this train of thought is not to

support matriarchy, or to desire the dismantling of the patriarchy. It is to support criminality and
immorality. If we are to believe that there is equality among the sexes, it should start with a quality and
how we treat the sexes. Right and wrong are absolutes. If we can recognize wrong in one instance, why
can't we not recognize or at least not ignore it in another?

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