Why rap needs GloRilla

Published on 23 January 2023 at 20:37

Gloria Woods (born July 28, 1999), known professionally as GloRilla, is an American rapper from
Memphis, Tennessee. If you still listen to the radio, you would be immediately familiar with her smash
hit, “F.N.F”. I won’t divulge what those initials mean, but it’s catchy.
While her lyrics and contents, revolving around money aren’t breaking any new ground in the genre, her
presence is. GloRilla possesses a strong Memphis deep barreling drawl that makes her voice
immediately stand out. If Ja Rule were to dust off the mic, we would know who we are listening to
before the beat drops. Anything that separates an artist and makes them identifiable, brand-ready, is a
plus for me.
Her melodic , race car drill- type beats are another feature that gets me doing 60mph on local streets.
She is an energy that is volatile in a fun way, but where her true power lies is in her honesty. She’s

young, she’s raw, and she’s natural. One look at GloRilla and you know you’re in the mid- south. Daisy-
duke cutoff shirts, ankle tats, and the darkest eyeliner and lipstick on an African American woman are

dead giveaways. More importantly, you wouldn’t think that there were any surgeries.
I know. I was doing so well...a positive piece with no message deriding an individual or society. Well
that’s not what we do here! In an age where rappers and celebrities, accentuate parts of their bodies
artificially in order to gain fame, GloRilla has refreshingly abstained. She has come far based on talent
and identity, and whether or not you are a fan of her music, it is more than respectable to just be who
you are. Now, here comes an original thought: With great power comes great responsibility.

Women today were impressionable girls. If this was this case during the early 200’s you likely watched a
certain family undergo a bevy of surgeries and sexual encounters with athletes, in order to be rewarded
with fame and money. The phrase, “Get the bag, sis” was born of this. I am of the belief that GloRilla will
be around for a long time. In doing so, she is an influence of today’s girls and tomorrow’s women. I
can’t condemn someone for doing as they wish with their body. What I will say is that if we are truly in
an age of body positivity, there should be no need to travel to another in search of a bigger butt. GloRilla
may inspire the youth to be their loudest, ratchet, natural self. For better or worse, the youth of today
have a new catchy role model, who says everything women, even feminist champion today. “ F men”, “
No broke n*****”, are popular terminology. But with GloRilla, it has been repackaged into a real gritty
likeable image. What I would like to say is that we are on the cusp of growing girls aspiring to be
GloRilla. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. She could be a one hit wonder and fizzle out. It’s not like
GloRilla has a song with Cardi B or anything. In the event that does happen, be ready. Your daughter
might not want to look like an Armenian women smuggling watermelons behind her. She might want to
claim Memphis.

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