The Truth

Published on 23 January 2023 at 20:28

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the truth is defined as: 1a(1) : the body of real things,
events, and facts : actuality. (2) : the state of being the case : fact. (3) often capitalized : a transcendent
fundamental or spiritual reality. Therefore, the truth is not confined or defined by what is acceptable in
the world or how we feel. The basis of truth is simple; It is a reality. So why can’t men and women
accept the truth.
I apologize to you if you thought this post would lead to a geopolitical analysis and tirade railing against
the decline of the human condition; The latter may apply. In order for us to progress forward and truly
learn, we must ask questions and be able to accept the answers that those questions provide. Women
say that they want a nice guy. They want a chivalrous, kind, grounded guy. That sounds great. Until the
texts between you aren’t naughty enough or enticing. Maybe you two make it to sex, but this guy is so
inexperienced that you schedule next weekend with a special toy. Worse yet, he is fixated on being the
nice guy and reminding you of how beautiful you are that he is no longer an equal in your eyes, but a

fan. These are thoughts you have. Nay, the traits you ascribe, because deep down you truly want a bad-
boy, your own monster to run the show. Slow love making and flowers are nice, but what you want is

your hair pulled. You want to be choked and pounded to sleep. Men aren’t better. You want a
wholesome girl. You want a virgin who won’t talk to any man. But she has to have sex like a porn star.
She has to be inexperienced, but have sex like your favorite porn star! She can’t be too active on social
media and she must be feminine. But let’s be honest; Before any inkling of her personality revealed
itself, you did three hot double takes to look at her ass, day dreamed about everything you want to do
to her, and then finally spoke to her. Folks, I have a secret. That’s ok!

Yes, I said it. It is ok to have preferences. It is ok to want things or to not want them. You don’t owe the
world anything at the expense of your truth. Because your truth is your reality. And if reality isn’t real,
what is your basis for thinking and comprehension. Can you accept a blue sky? Can you accept a rainy
day? Oh man! Here comes the questions again. They are at it again! You may be thinking this, and you
are right.
Too often, we make truth a subjective anecdote. It is a malleable infallible notion upon which everything
must conform to. Otherwise, it is offensive and wrong. Growing up in the land of stone wall paintings
and land bridges, there were only two genders: man and women. Today, we recognize, accept more,
and respect the vast diversity within each gender or non gendered, non-binary group. Sexual identity,
orientation, and classification are all different and can apply differently based on who is being spoken
of. For the purpose of clarity, let’s refer to a dog giving birth. In my understanding, that dog is a female.
My reasoning leads me to this conclusion, because females typically give birth. This is typical of the
mammal species.
Now, some of you may call me out as a bigot for calling the dog a female, based on the observation of
the dog giving birth. I know this because this happened to me last week, but that’s a topic for another
day. True, the dog has not declared a sexual identity. I have to seduce that given years of evolution,
genetic coding, and micro mutation, the dog did not declare a sexual identity because...IT IS A DOG!

Sometimes, the truth is not layered. There are not always nuances and trajectories that differentiate
what the truth is. In short: It is what it is! I honestly feel like you, Josiah from the Walmart parking lot,
are the true bigot for choosing to India credit the gender of the dog by denying the dog the classification
of female. Now I have to question if it was ok to even say the term, “the dog” so often. I may have been
looking at a miniature tyrannosaurus. For that and solely that, I apologize.

Sure, I choose to identify as they/ them. I believe that coming to a conclusion based upon observation,
past experiences, and proven conventional wisdom is ok. If you do not, that is also ok. I do not post to
change your mind or even challenge you for what you think. Sometimes, I want to open a conversation
and check the pulse of times. It often feels like I am the last person on a train at night, just barely awake
enough to not miss my stop. Other times, I just want to say fuck Josiah. You decide. Stay sharp. Stay

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